Learn the structure and significance behind some of the most popular Films, Animation and Games. Discover how the wisdom in these stories apply to your life.

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My name is Crispin Freeman and I am eager to share with you all I have learned about how mythology and religion affect pop culture storytelling. I think you will find it incredibly useful not only in your creative endeavors, but in your personal life as well. Whether you’re a screenwriter, comic book creator, director, actor, animator or game designer, here you will find the blueprint for the most popular and well-beloved stories ever told.

It is my firm belief that we become the stories we tell ourselves.

Therefore, it behooves us to understand the stories around us and decide whether or not we find them useful and fulfilling. I like to use the metaphor of a motor in a car to represent the makes a story engine run. Here at Mythology and Meaning, I raise the car hood on your favorite stories to show you how the engine works. With that knowledge, you can then customize, rearrange or even completely change the engine based on your own preferences and creative inspiration. I believe you’ll find it especially helpful to understanding the hidden structure underneath storytelling.

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