Gaming Mythology

Not all games require a narrative structure or spiritual cosmology. However, for those games looking to elicit a truly emotional or cathartic response from a player, a clear storytelling mythology can use the ritual aspect of games to elicit an incredibly deep and meaningful experience.

Welcome to my series of panels that examine the mythology behind Video Games. I call them my:
Gaming Mythology Presentations.

  • Observe how video games reveal their mythology through their gameplay.
  • Discover how a spiritual cosmology affects the emotional experience of the gamer.
  • Learn how this new art form can act as ritual: the re-enactment of a myth.

These are elaborate and humorous PowerPoint-style presentations with slides and video that explore the differences in video game storytelling. They are fun and fascinating explorations into why we love these games so much!

For all Booking Arrangements, please contact my agent, Arlene Thornton.


Repertoire of Presentations:

1. The Cursed Lands: Shadow of the Colossus & Ico

Under Development

2. Fantasy RPGs East and West

Under Development

3. Journey: Cosmology in a Bottle

Under Development