College of New Jersey, Society for Creative Endeavors

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College of New Jersey, Society for Creative Endeavors

The College of New Jersey has invited me back!

On Saturday, May 2nd at 7pm, I’ll be presenting my Anime Mythology Panel entitled Mystics, Priestesses & Warrior Women at the College of New Jersey!

The event is being hosted by The Society of Creative Endeavors. I’m looking forward to returning to the TCNJ to speak to their students again!

The event is free for TCNJ students; $5 for non-TCNJ students

Tickets are available at the door.

You can view the event on the TCNJ Mythology & Meaning Facebook Event Page.

You can also Download a Map with Directions to the TCNJ Library where the presentation will be held!

Map to TCNJ Library

You can contact for more information.

Mystics, Priestesses and Warrior Women is about the hero journey from a woman’s perspective. Specifically, it looks at the different types of female hero journeys in American and Japanese animation and how there are avenues for exploring the female hero journey in the East that are unavailable in the West. These different types of female hero journeys have their basis in the different mystical religious traditions of each country. These different concepts of mysticism East and West give rise either to Magical Girl or the Princess archetypes in animation. To wrap it all up, I explore how these different archetypes manifest and are subverted in the anime, “Revolutionary Girl Utena”.

Below is a trailer for my Anime Mythology presentations! Enjoy!

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